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Burger Tiger is “the” burger place in Dubrovnik, where the food is simple but delicious, with familiar tastes favorite to all. With an obvious upgrade from classical fast food venues, Burger Tiger hits the spot with super-size burgers, hot dogs, delicious tortilla wraps, finger-food goodies but also with a great choice of pizzas and homemade pastas. Burger Tiger has been a super addition to the Old City’s dining scene, serving our faithful visitors from 10:00 in morning till late at night – 02:00.

Fast Food Dubrovnik

Burger Tiger is situated in a little street guiding down to the Stradun, and it features inside as well as the outside seating area. It has a bit of a western vibe, the interior is done in a way that everyone feels relaxed and welcomed, with familiar booth seating, chalkboard signs, finger food-style eating and friendly service. It is ideal for a quick bite or a fun get together with friends and family.

Best Burger in Dubrovnik

We offer a large selection of juicy burgers and we would definitely recommend OMG – OH MY GOOD! Burger. 100% beef meet with egg, bacon, cheese and ham, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and ketchup is absolute No.1 at our place.
For the vegetarians we have great GREEN – GO Burger, Veggie wrap and vegetarian pizza!
Interested in tasting an octopus or tuna hamburger? Or maybe shrimp and chickpeas in a black bun? We also have excellent selection of the fish burgers.

Dubrovnik Fast Food

Also make sure you try the variety of our homemade pasta that you can create on your own with different side orders like grilled chicken, beef steak, meat stew, sausages, shrimp, tuna, and tofu. Short, long or stuffed pasta with different side orders and your meal is ready!
If you want some pizza cut or pizza we recommend our Country or Vegetarian pizza!

Fast Food Dubrovnik

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